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This Thesis explores human resources development and utilization, in Enugu State civil service, an activity that has been neglected in the public sector. It presents answers to the following questions. The intent is to provide a useful basis for change in the human resource management culture in the civil service of Nigeria. The theoretical framework used in the study is Human Relations Theory that are in line with human research development and utilization. Most importantly, its objectives to the government agencies and organizations. In pursue of the above goals of this study, the researcher distributed and administered questionnaires to the employees of Enugu State Civil Service. The responses from the questionnaires were analyzed using simple percentage and frequency tables for proper clarification. From the analysis and interpretation of hypotheses, the researcher found out that
many problems/factors affected the human resources development and utilization in Enugu State Civil Service such as: poor coordination among the agencies charged with the responsibility of human resources development, incompetent professionals and corruption. Based on these findings, the researcher has made the following recommendations. 1) The agencies charged with the responsibility of human resources planning must continuously monitor and; evaluate outcomes from the services of workers in order to know their level of performance/productivity, where changes should be made and
then plan better strategy for improving future performance. These are important corrective measures. The purpose of evaluating a training programme is to determine its effectiveness. A training programme is effective only if it has gathered in the evaluation process will enable the civil service to improve on programme for future trainees and also enable the trainers appraise themselves in terms of method
and content. 2) Another strategy for improving human resource development and utilization is by
providing the agencies involved in human resources development with sufficient fund to make the process productive. This is because, every aspect of human resource development requires fund. For example, the training and development of human resources require money. Therefore, government should allocate sufficient fund to Enugu State Civil Service to enable them plan effectively for their human resources development, which in turn will improve the economy of the state. 3) Adequately equipped training centres and facilities should be provided across the length and breadth of the country, so that different ministries should have easy access to obtaining training when the need arises. To properly plan and utilize human resources in Enugu State Civil Service, there should be provision for
adequate training facilities, which will be used in developing human resources for productive services. There is no doubt that any training programmes is meaningful only if it enables man to be of great service to his organization. Training has its cardinal goals of creation of “behavioural change” in a desire direction as organizational needs dictates. Knowledge and skills should be designed and imparted on relevant employee(s) so as to affect a significant change in their job behaviour. According to Chandan (2007), employee training should assume the following specific form:
(a) Induction and orientation course
(b) On-the-job training
(c) Off-the-job training
(d) Vestibule training
(e) Regular refreshers course in form of seminars, workshops etc.


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