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The border relations between Nigeria and Cameroon remains an issue that
gives all concerned a task to ponder. It is however clear that the boundary
inherited by Nigeria at independence, especially in the Cameroon remains
ill-defined. The Northern sector of the boundary has witnessed less
problems because of the presence of physical features that were used to
delimit the boundary such as mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, etc. Ebeji and
Tiel in this sector have sometimes confused the exact extent of the
boundary. However, the administrative acumen of the traditional rulers in
this sector, coupled with the historical and cultural links between the
people of the border area have contributed immensely in averting large
scale border clashes. The Southern sector, which is mainly over marshy
terrain, is a lot more difficult to mark by physical features hence the
frequent border clashes experienced along the area. The economic
importance of the oil rich Bakassi Peninsula has not in any way mitigated
the problem. Considering the fact that fishing, maritime transport and
associated business thrive in this area, border clashes will continue to be
experienced even after the judgment of the ICJ. This research was
provoked as a result of the myopic and faulty judgment delivered by the
International Court of Justice, the gross abuse of human rights of the
inhabitants of Bakassi Peninsula who are majorly Efik speaking people of
Cross River State of Nigeria; and the way and manner the settlers of the
Peninsula were given ultimatum to vacate the place for Cameroonian
occupation. The researcher employed the doctrinal methodology and the
use of internet; and found that the Green Tree Agreement was not only
faulty but a flagrant abuse of the peoples‟ rights. That irrespective of the
non-ratification of the Green Tree Agreement by the National Assembly,
thus domesticating its application municipally, it does not by any inch
remove the obligation placed on Nigeria for total compliance to the ICJ



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