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Majority of men in the society are ignorant of the wife’s right of maintenance in Islamic
and statutory laws. HoweverIslam has provided the wife with the right to maintenance as
enshrined in the holy Quran and statutory law respectively. But certain factors are
militating against the enjoyment of such rights. Husbands do not maintain their wives
according to what the holy Quran and statutes stipulate. It was therefore, investigated
whether the Muslim and Christian wives are aware of such right as enshrined in the Holy
Quran and statutes respectively. Do the husbands allow their wives to freely enjoy these
right if they are aware of them? This has been a serious problem for the welfare of the
wives in the society and in fact it is infringement of their established right under the
shariah and statutory laws. Lack of proper maintenance of a wife may lead to regular
disputes between husband and wife and subsequently may lead to a broken home.This
research was embarked upon to clarify a lot of misunderstanding among spouses as to the
wife’s right to maintenance and will serve as a guide to student who will like to research
into similar problems in the near future. It will also serve as an educational material to
married women who are ignorant of their conjugal rights. The researcher deemed it
necessary to set up parameters for the work for clarity and easy approach. For the
purpose of this research, statutory laws applicable in Nigeria are going to be given
primary attention.However,where necessary, reference are going to be made to statutory
laws applicable in England and under Islamic law, the four Sunni schools will be our
guide.It was found that even though it is the husbands responsibility to provide
maintenance to his family ,the prevailing economic hardship as indicated by the wife’s in
the research area has made them work hard in order to support the
family.secoundly,There is cultural infiltration into the Islamic teachings on marriage and
this has been allowed to supersede the religion teaching on marriage . It is therefore
recommended that more publications on women’s rights should be made available and the
husbands must disregard cultural practices and follow the teachings of the holy Quran
and sunnah of the Prophet PBUH.


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