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The international community saw the need for unity, peace, cooperation, and a state of
security. This task was given the UNSC. But due to its inability to handle the plethora of
breach of peace situations the world is experiencing creates a lot of doubts as to the
seriousness of this body to carry on the task assigned her. Some of the question this research
intends to answer is to see how committed the Security Council members are in maintaining
and promoting world peace and security. With their over looming interest will the world
experience a better peace and security situation than before? The objectives of this research
is to examine the effectiveness of the UNSC in its principal role of maintaining peace and
security given the high level of breach of peace situations the world is experiencing. The
methodology used in this work is the doctrinal method. Some of the findings arrived at in this
research is the lack of means sufficient enough to carry out its functions. The veto power of
the permanent five members of the Security Council is a hindrance to this body`s function. To
proffer some solutions, rebel and terrorist group`s funds should not only be frozen after they
are discovered. They should be sent to the coffers of the UN to help resolve security issues in
the areas that are unstable or that they breached the peace. The General Assembly‘s most
important attempt so far to prevent the paralysis of the United Nations in measures of
collective security was the Uniting for Peace Resolution of 3rd November, 1950. This
resolution attempted to counter the hindrance of the Security Council caused by the excessive
use of the veto and the negligence of previous recommendations by the General Assembly.


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