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Over the years several efforts has been made to alleviate the burden of result processing and transcript generation on the desk officers who are in charge of the department of computer and information technology both at the Exams and Records and Statistics.
Adigwe P.K and Okoye P.V.C (1998) data processing is defined as the entire process of converging or manipulating data into definite and meaningful data information. The information obtained at the end of the process is the result. Therefore result processing can be seen as a continuous process of converting data (which can be scores, grade points, credit units etc) into definite and meaningful information which can be either be statement of result or transcripts. The end point of data processing activity by the administrative unit is the product of basic documents and information (statement of result or transcript) from basic data which can be (which can be scores, grade points, credit units etc) for managements’ use. In Irgib Africa the result produced informs the management about the performance of each student in their various courses. These results contained are used to check the students’ level of understanding in the entire subject taught. In the course of research an intensive investigation was carried out on department of computer information and technology performs its result computation, processing and transcript. From my findings it appears that current method adopted needs improvement. Introduction of computer into the system will do much required magic in result processing. Structured system analysis and design methodology will be applied in other to arrive to the development of the new system thereby introducing the use of PHP and MySQL for the software development

1.2 Background Of The Study
It is an established fact that after every assessment, examination or research work, a result must be obtained. In every academic environment there is need to have results to be aware of the student’s performance in order to generate the student’s transcript whenever the need arises. To achieve this here in this institution, it involves the registration of courses, student’s personal data, examination score, records updating and so on. The problem been faced now is how to carry out these activities presently, the result processing and transcript generation of department of computer information and technology are performed manually.
1.3 Aim Of The Study
The aim of this study is to design and implement of a software result processing and transcript generation system for computer information and technology in Irgib Africa University.
1.4 Objective Of The Study
The primary objective is to computerize, design and implement software which will take care of result processing and transcript generation for the department of computer science. Also only authorized desk officers are permitted to have access to the result of students. This can be achieved by introducing a password.
1.5 Significance Of The Study
Research carried out in the department of computer science shows that results are still being processed manually as well as transcript generation. This leads to various problems which include,
a) Insecurity of results.
b) Duplication of results.
c) Loss of results when files are been carried from one table to the other.
d) Wrong calculations during computation.
e) Omission of results.
This project will achieve the following:
i) Increase in deficiency
ii) Easy detection and correction of errors.
iii) Reduce pressure of work on examination officers.
iv) Makes computation less labor intensive.
Hence, the need for the design of software and the implementation in the processing of results and generation of transcripts for the computer information and technology cannot be over emphasized.
1.6 Scope Of The Study
This project work covers the registration of courses and computation of students examination score in order to process their results and also generate their transcripts.
1.7 Limitation Of Study
Usually, every work has some limitations and this study is not exempted.
The three major limitations of this study are the high programming technique, restricting factor as well as financial constraints. The high programming technique constraint in PHP, JQUERY and MYSQL prevents the researcher to have an in depth study and analysis on the subject matter, the restricting factor is base on inadequate supply of data from some departments.
While the issue of financial constraint limits the frequency of investigation to/from the institution toward gathering the necessary information relevant for the study.
1.8 Definition Of Term
Software: these are sets of logically related instruction given to the computer to perform specific tasks.
Transcript: It is a paper that outlines all the courses, course codes, grades and grade points for each student
Html Code: – HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a type of computer language that is primarily used for files that are posted on the internet and viewed by web browsers. HTML files can also be sent via email.
Markup language: – A markup language is a combination of words and symbols which give instructions on how a document should appear. For example, a tag may indicate that words are written in italics or bold type.
Web browser: -A Web browser is a software program that interprets the coding language of the World Wide Web in graphic form, displaying the translation rather than the coding. This allows anyone to “browse the Web” by simple point and click navigation, bypassing the need to know commands used in software languages.
File extension: – A file extension is the suffix at the end of a filename that tells a computer, and the computer user, which program is needed to open the file. Also called a filename extension, this suffix preceded by at least one period, is generally one to five characters long but the norm is usually three characters in length.
Email: – Email, also sometimes written as e-mail, is simply the shortened form of electronic mail, a protocol for receiving, sending, and storing electronic messages. Email has gained popularity with the spread of the Internet. In many cases, email has become the preferred method of communication.
TCP/IP: – This often used but little understood set of operations stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is the combination of the two and describes the set of protocols that allows hosts to connect to the Internet. In actuality, TCP/IP is a combination of “more than those two protocols, but the TCP and IP parts of TCP/IP are the main ones and the only ones to become part of the acronym that describes the operations involved.
TEXT FILE: – A text file is a computer file that stores a typed document as a series of alphanumeric characters, usually without visual formatting information. The content may be a personal note or list, a journal or newspaper article, a book, or any other text that can be rendered accurately in typewritten form.
Hyper Link:-A hyperlink is a graphic or a piece of text in an Internet document that can connect readers to another webpage, or another portion of a document. Web users will usually find at least one hyperlink on every webpage. The simplest form of these is called embedded text or an embedded link.
WWW: – acronym for World Wide Web.


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