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  • Background of the Study

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is an organization set up by the Nigerian government to involve the country’s graduates in the development of the country. There is no military conscription in Nigeria, but since 1973 graduates of universities and later Polytechnics have been required to take part in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program for one year.  This is known as national service year.”Corp” members are posted to cities far from their city of origin. They are expected to mix with people of other tribes, social and family backgrounds, to learn the culture of the indigenes in the place they are posted to. This action is aimed to bring about unity in the country and to help youths appreciate other ethnic groups. There is an “Orientation” period of approximately three weeks spent in a camp away from family and friends. There is also a “passing out ceremony” at the end of the year and primary assignment followed by one month of vacation. The program has also helped in creating entry level jobs for a lot of Nigerian youth. An NYSC forum dedicated to the NYSC members was recently built to bridge the gap amongst members serving across Nigeria and also an avenue for corpers to share job information and career resources as well as getting loans from the National Directorate Of Employment. Looking at Nigerian, NYSC was created to foster unity among Nigeria’s about 250 ethnic groups and to create a sense of nationhood and selfless service among young people.  There use to be two NYSC batches, namely batch A and batch B. However, with so many graduates waiting for NYSC call up, NYSC now have three batches, batch A, batch B, and batch C. The NYSC programmes runs for about 12 months and during that period, graduates of Universities and Polytechnic are deployed to serve in states that are not their state of origin.
1.2     Statement of the Problem
Nigerian universities and polytechnics are presently producing thousands of graduates every year. After graduation, most students waste extra year before they go for service. NYSC presently using manual system in their data processing; this involves the use of people, pens and papers in records keeping. This method of data processing reveals a number of problems which includes:

  • Records to be kept in are often too large, diversified and complex to be processed manually.
  • Most often some names are omitted as a result of manual processing
  • Statistics of yearly NYSC members are hardly correct as a result of manual calculations
  • Students are made to contend with missing their service year as a result of no call-up letter.

1.3     Objectives of the Study
The objective of this project is to:

  • Design and implement a central database system that would serve as NYSC database, which will contain information of all the graduates that are waiting for national youth service corps.
  • To generate students call up letters.
  • To efficiently and effectively post qualified students.

1.4     Scope of the Study
The research work will cover among other things:

  1. NYSC Registration
  2. Call up Letters
  3. Analysis on population of the students for NYSC posting.

1.5      Limitations Of The Study
During the design of this work, much finance was required and owing to the financial meltdown globally, the research was limited by finance and hence concentrated on the available materials within the locality.
1.6     Significance of the Study
This study will in many ways promote good management in NYSC orientation agency. The managerial approach to NYSC registration will be automated making information processing and decision making easy. Also, this study will help the institutions to achieve the following:

  1. Have a database of all the NYSC coppers both present and the past
  2. Issue call-up letters to students
  3. Maintain a high level secured database


  • Project Report Organisation

This project was covered under five stages:
Chapter 1. deals with the introduction. The background of the project is discussed. The objectives of the project, its significance, scope, and constraints are pointed out.
A brief history of NYSC and review of literature on NYSC registration System are subject matter of Chapter 2.
Chapter 3. Discusses system Investigation and Analysis. It deals with detailed investigation and analysis of the existing system and problem identification.
Chapter 4. Treats the system design and implementation
Chapter 5. Summary and conclusion
1.8     Definition of Terms
NYSC: National Youth Service corps
NYSC Orientation: NYSC corps members are camped for three weeks in an NYSC orientation camp where they live a military like regimented life.
CDS: Community Development Service
Passing out: Passing out ceremony is the last stage of the NYSC scheme. This consists of one or two weeks of events, which ends with a passing out parade.
Databases:  A systematically arranged collection of computer data, structured so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated. It is also called databank.
Computer Program: This is a set of instruction that guides the computer on the action to perform.
Flowchart:  This is graphical representation of step by step by which computer can follow to execute a task.

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