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This paper is on the design and fabrication of an electrical motorized  bicycle wheelchair. The units of the wheelchair are first constructed before being assembled to form wheelchair. The usage is outlined and the assessment of performance of the machine was carried out based on the wheelchair. The wheelchair is recommended for both inward and outward movements of the disabled. The procedure adopted in writing this project is to achieve the aforementioned purpose. Chapter one deals with the introduction, chapter two deals with literature review, chapter three deals with the material and method, chapter four deals with procedures of fabrication of the wheelchair, chapter five deals with conclusion and recommendation of the project and recognition of needs.
This modern day has brought about a high demand for comfort ability. The ease of disability of humans and their helps are so overwhelming. With this comes the choice of designing an electrically operated motorized bicycle wheelchair to meet up with the demand of the users. ‘
An electrical motorized bicycle wheelchair is a wheelchair that is propelled by means of an electric motor rather than manual power.
Motorized bicycle wheelchairs are useful for those unable to propel a manual wheelchair or who may need to use a wheelchair for distance or over terrain which would be fatiguing in a manual wheelchair.
Furthermore, they may also be used not just by people with traditional mobility impairments, but also by people with cardiovascular and fatigue based conditions. Any disabled person with a mobility, fatigue or pain- based impairment issues may find a power chair advantageous in some circumstances. However, existing prescription practices generally means that power chair for such use must be private procured or hired for the occasions.

  1. To fabricate using available local materials y
  2. To reduce the labour cost and time spent using manual wheelchair.
  3. To help in reducing the cost of production of a machine
  4. Increase productivity
  5. To encourage indigenous technology
  6. To help students have a better in sight in order to modify the machine in question

The real need for the fabrication of the electrical motorized bicycle wheelchair is significant in the much delay and time as well as energy wasted in using manual wheelchairs and clutches. Moreover, the cost of importation of electrical motorized bicycle wheelchair is too high for average user.
Moreso, to the use of other wheelchair, the electrical motorized bicycle wheelchair will help to save labour, time and consequently increase the rate of production and crafitsnarfs skill. It is also important to explore the design of machines to improve on the ones already made.
The electrical motorize bicycle wheelchair is produced to solve the problems encountered by disables in their movement from place to place.
Also to fasten the rate at which they move without high labour and of good comfort. `

  1. Unavailability of materials
  2. Financial constrain

iii. Unsteady power supply

  1. Unavailability of working tools

For the fact that Bicycle wheelchair is electrically motorized, it is justified as a simple machine that every disabled person can use and enjoy for free movement from one place to another comfortably in both indoor and outdoor environment.

  1. Frame: This serves as the skeletal part of the wheelchair to which other parts of the wheelchair are fixed for perfect design.
  2. The Tyre: This enables the wheelchair to move from place to place,

through its rotary motion.
iii. A.C. Motor: This serves as the engine, that propels motion of the wheelchair with the help of the battery.

  1. Battery: This provides the adequate current needed for proper functioning of the A.C. motor and other electrical parts.
  2. Handle: This controls the direction of the bicycle wheelchair at the will of user.
  3. Hub: This is the central part of a wheel, the spokes are all fixed there and it the base for the tyre movement.

vii. Pulley and V.belt:- The pulley helps to transmit motion of the tyre through the use of the V.belt. The wheelchair has pulley connected to both the motion driving source and driven source with the help of the V.beit  connected on it. This  belt helps to transmit source (motor) to the driven source (tyres) motion from the driving.
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