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Conflict is never a sign of development but a darkness and economic doom to any given state or society, hence it should be treated with high handedness. United Nations and the Politics of Sanctions the Syrian Debacle is a topical issue in all Cable Networks, both the electronic and the paper media looking for adequate attention and a possible answer due to the battle and face off between Russia and US, permanent members of the Security Council. It also shows the bearing of this study, it highlighted. The introduction, statement of the problem, objective of the study, significance of the study, literature review, theoretical framework, method of data collection, conclusion and recommendations the focus of this study is to access the UN Security Council resolutions in achieving a peaceful regime in Syria in spite of the confusions within the UN Security Council, the broad objective is to ascertain the role of the UN Security Council in the management of the Syrian crisis. Qualitative method was used to gather data, the findings were characterized by the division of the UN Security Council in spite of their enviable roles in maintenance of global peace and security. The recommendation, the veto power of the permanent members of the Security Council should be eliminated and simple majority system should be used under the supervision of great powers such as US, with the cooperation of the permanent members of the Security Council with this peace is achievable. This abstract X-rays the mechanism of the Security Council and the possible methods adopted to reach the possible solution to the Syrian crisis. Whether Assad or the Syrian National Council will be considered to carry out the democratic processes after the peace settlement.
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