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The study examined the state of knowledge on international terrorism and National Security in Nigeria, with focus on Boko-Haram, specifically, the study investigated how international terrorism and National Security explores the origins and future trajectory of Boko-Haram and especially why its ideology of violence has found resonance among a small number of young Nigerian’s, and also provide guide to policy makers, government officials and the general public in dealing with the Boko Haram insurgency. Utilizing the Relative deprivation theory, qualitative research method, qualitative descriptive research and content analysis, these are crucial instrument of understanding terrorism and Boko Haram sect. accordingly, the study maintained that Boko Haram movement is to make Nigeria an Islamic state as they are in the habit of spreading particular interpretation of Islam beyond Western oriented secular Status claiming that Islam as a religion has not been fulfilling its mandate on the Nigerian Society


1.1 Background of the Study
Terrorism is a highly contextual phenomenon. Indeed, the old maxim that “all politics is
local” holds true for political violence as well. We sometimes hear a lot of talk about terrorism as
if it were a monolithic, easily understood term, but it is really the opposite. Terrorism is a
complex issue that has been studied and debated for several decades. In fact, there are dozens of
competing definitions of the term, not only among scholars but among policymakers and
government agencies as well. But one thing holds constant – terrorist attacks do not occur in a
vacuum, but are instead a product of complex interactions between individuals, organizations,
and environments.
Further, there are many different kinds of terrorism, defined primarily by ideological
orientations like ethno-nationalism, left-wing, religious, and so forth. And just like there are
many different kinds of terrorism, there are many different kinds of contexts in which terrorism
occurs. Within each context, we find a variety of grievances that motivate the terrorist group and
its supporters, along with things that facilitate terrorist activities.
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