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Election is universally considered as the hallmark of democracy, especially since the current
wave of democratization in Africa. However, most elections in Africa are characterized by
violence particular post-electoral violence. Moreover, the study examined the nexus between
democratization and post-electoral violence in Nigeria and Ghana. Though scholars have
interrogated democratization and electoral violence yet little attention have been paid to
ascertain whether the mode of democratization accounted for the different levels of postelectoral violence in Nigeria and Ghana. Also, they have not determined whether democratic
outcomes intensified post-electoral violence more in Nigeria than in Ghana. Therefore, the
study ascertained how the mode of democratization accounted for the different levels of post-

electoral violence in Nigeria and Ghana. The study also determined how democratic
outcomes intensified post-electoral violence in Nigeria more than Ghana. The study made use
ex-post facto research design, qualitative method of data analysis and qualitative method of
data collection. Also the study adopted the theory of post-colonial state. The study noted that
high level of electoral mal-practice, weak democratic institutions, high occurrence of
ethno/religious voting pattern, postponement of elections in Nigeria unlike in Ghana has led
to tension and anxiety in Nigeria. Rigging of elections more in Nigeria also contributed to
violent protest and destruction than in Ghana and finally, that election of unpopular
candidates in Nigeria do lead to political violence unlike in Ghana. And all these are rooted in
the high premium or stakes Nigerian politicians attached to politics unlike their counterparts
in Ghana. The study recommended among others, that the electoral process should be free,
fair and credible, the electoral commissions of both states particularly in Nigeria should be
more organized to avoid unnecessary postponement and rigging of elections and especially
Nigerian politicians should place less premium on politics.

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