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According to Johnson (2000); throughout recorded history, humans have had the desire to decorate their living space. While the mediums and techniques were crude during prehistory, both paint and painting methods evolved tremendously in the millennia that followed. Today, the environmental impact of exterior decoration is as paramount to its aesthetic appeal. What may seem like an artless product has, in fact, undergone many alterations over the years. According to Manson (2001); it is slightly easier for manufacturers of food and beverages than manufacturers of decorative and specialty products to find themselves in the buyers markets. It is unwise to think of survival as regards to food and clothing without considering individuals environment, as how neat the buildings are kept decorating, these does not mean beautifying the building only but is a way of presenting the appearance of the building to fight against organic growth such as fungi and algae.
According to Frederick (2007); appropriate customer feedback management (CFM) is the process by which customer feedback is incorporated into operational processes. By managing customer feedback so it is an input to operational processes such as sales, account management, product management and customer support (among others), those processes can be made more effective, efficient and customer centric. According to Hughes (2007); as with any business process, business objectives determine what customer feedback to collect, how to analyse it, how to disseminate it and what actions should to be taken with it. According to Stalk (2008); CFM is a process based on the systematic collection of customer feedback data, the analysis of the data, and defined dissemination and follow-up actions. When done correctly, customer feedbacks can place individual customer feedback data (both response data and profile data) into the hands of the one person in your company, in real-time, who is most able to use that data to further your business objectives. According to August (2008); customer feedback impact all businesses, small businesses and the larger counterpart often feel the effect of customer feedbacks. Upswings in the economy typically provide a rush of new or expanded business opportunities for small operations, whereas a poor customer service or not attending to customer feedbacks within an economic cycle can have a severe and lasting impact.According to Marvin (2011); information Technology has played a vital role in businesses; this cuts across the manufacturing of goods, distributions, sells and advertisement. The presence of mobile devices and smartphones has not just made the world a global village but has made it easier for users to window shop and buy items online at a fast and affordable rate. The essence of this application and gadgets has eradicated the obsolete method of business processing making business activities gloomy and in-effective.
This project will provide an information technology solution to the organisation that currently haven’t embraced a new process in marketing and customer feedback. This project will imbibe a rapid application development methodology that will help facilitate the development of a web based application. Therefore, the researcher is of the opinion that in developing a web based marketing information system it will enable Inket concepts to keep track of its customers, so as to know the statistics of the company and still provide an opportunity for customers to provide feedbacks and also to order for goods ahead of time.
In order to provide an effective solution to the existing system it is required that adequate research is put into it. In this case, the researcher found out that:
• The method of marketing was done manually.
• The organisation uses cheap sales magazine to advertise their products.
• Strategy of marketing is poor.
• Little or no customer feedback.
Therefore, these problems are the fact that continuous use of this manual form of marketing goods has brought about inefficiency and ineffectiveness and low publicity for the organisation; since awareness of both goods and branding has been poorly done.
This project aim to provide a web based information system for marketing and customer feedback that will effectively and efficiently handle the marketing of its goods and services for the organisation.
The specific objectives in this study are:
• To develop a practical and effective marketing dais for goods.
• To provide a computerized methodology to business.
• To provide an opportunity to merchandising.
• To eradicate manual form of marketing.
• To provide a fast and unswerving access to reach consumers and to also provide an opportunity for feedback.
• To increase efficiency and effectiveness
• To help address issues of good customer service, to boost customers, investor and other stakeholders confidence in the service sector and to encourage investigating in this sector.
• To provide knowledge for service rendering firms with problems in customer service to implement the researcher’s findings so as to enjoy loyalty of their customer and in the long run increase the profitability of the business.
Web-based information system for marketing of product and customer feedbacks is basically designed to market an organisation services, facilitate the manipulation of data in a faster rate, provide concurrent feedbacks to customers, and also ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information placed by the customers.
The proposed study serves the students as their reference or guide in creating their program. It will also help them taking computer related courses to identify ways of solving world’s problem and build up their knowledge in the field of marketing.
In addition, it will benefit and help the future researchers doing research on similar topic.
Within Inket concepts exist different departments and business activities. But as customary as it has become it is important for a researcher to develop a framework for which to work effectively and to further proffer solution to an existing problem. In this academic project, the researcher has decided to only focus on the development of a web based application for marketing and customer feedback.
In addition, this research work is only limited to marketing and customer feedback purposes, thus, shall not be accounted for to be applied to other business activities aside from what this has been designed to offer. The information that shall be used during the development of this application will be the information provided by the workers or management of this organisations and not from the outside.
Carrying out this research was tedious coupled with the fact that other academic work were in progress. More so, another constraint to this research was finance.
It is important to categorically state here that this project is limited to only developing a computer based marketing and customer feedback information system, therefore will not provide any information on remuneration or company structure.
DATA: Unprocessed information or raw facts.
HAND-BILLS: A piece of paper containing information, always distributed for free to help convey information about a goods or services.
INFORMATION: This is date that have been processed, interpreted and understood by the recipient of the message or report.
ONLINE: This is the condition of being connected to a network of computer or other devices.
MARKETING: The commercial process involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service.
FEEDBACK: Response to an inquiry.
CUSTOMER: A person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.
SERVICES: This is usually an intangible economic activities offered by one party to another.
PRODUCT: This is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.

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