Design and Implementation of Online Website for Event Management


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1.1 Background of the Study

With each year passing year new technology is emerging in every industry. Same is with event management industry. It has changed gradually over years. The rate at which technology changes and event trends develop is staggering. In general, some new developments can help planners plan better, be more creative and engage attendees more. The current trends in the market for event management are mobile application event planner, cloud-based tools and social media event planner (GFI, 2015).
There are already some existing related software in the market such as Eventbrite, RegOnline and Peatix (Capterra, 2015). However, problems in existing system are high cost, complexity and incontinence. For Eventbrite, it is a good software but some of the features are hidden. Users need to look at FAQ for certain problems. The software has some problem with payment method also. Moreover, it is not effectively and efficiently satisfying a specified set of users by allowing them to achieve a specified set of tasks in a particular environment.
In order to overcome these issues there is a need for a better event management system.
As the trends said that a powerful event management system needs to have marketing automation integration. By integrating event management and marketing automation systems, the data generated before, during, and after the event, can be used to enhance the lead-to revenue cycle while improving the power and effectiveness of the event itself.
Furthermore, appointment for user is also in need. Look for an event management platform that allows for both self-scheduled and automated “matched” appointments. These features can significantly enhance the overall user experience at the event by engaging attendees, powering connections, and accelerating business. Other than that, event views for attendees can be personalized. In other words, a central resource specifically curetted to align with their profile and event goals, with access to their personal agenda, 1-to-1 meetings, travel information, and other relevant content (Shen, 2013).
Event management is the application to manage and development of festivals, events and conferences. Proposed work Involves study of identifying the target of budget, cost, and analysis. Post event analysis and ensuring a return on investment have become significant drivers for the event industry .This is an online event management system, software project that serves the functionality of an event manager. The project provides most of the basic functionality required for an event .It allows the user to select from list of event types.
Online event management system is an online event management system software project that serves the functionality of an event manager. The system allow users to register or send the type of event on the application for an event. This proposed to be a web application. The project provides most of the basic functionality required for an event type e.g. [marriage, Dance Show birthday party, etc.], the system then allows the user to select date and time of event, place and the event equipment. All the data is logged in the database and the user is given a receipt number for his booking. The data is then send to administrator (website owner) and they may interact with the client as per his requirement (Sachin AjayKumar, 2018).
1.2 Statement of the Problem
There are problems faced by the management of different event management organization, this problems can be attributed to the fact that they use manual information processing in their activities. These problems include:
* Errors and inaccuracy since all computations are done manually.
* Updating activities are time consuming very poor and lacks accuracy.
* Lack of adequate information for decision making.
* Inconsistency and redundancy are often encountered in the information processing system for the generation of management information.
* Processing of information is usually time consuming and most times with undesired out
This project work is prompted by the problems of event management organization to find a lasting solution to these problems.
1.3 Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to design a computerized information system that will replace the manual procedures of carrying out operations in the existing management information system of Event Management Organization.
1.4 Aims and Objective of the Study
The main aims and objectives of this project is to design and implement an online website for event management system that will aid in the following:
* to reduce the average response time to management enquiry concerning transaction status.
* To produce timely accurate and up to date report for management purpose.
* To aid the administration and management to eliminate avoidable inefficiency.
* Finally to explore all capacities of computer in the area of speed, efficiency and security of data.
1.5 Scope of the Study
The scope of this covers the normal operational procedures of data processing and information about all event management organization website. The project scope extends from the point of customers booking of event to the point these event management fee will be issued to the client.
1.6 Limitation of The Study
This work is limited to the application of computerized information management system for event management organization. However during the course of this project work, there are factors militated against my carrying out of this work.
They include:-
* Lack of time
* High cost of production
* Lack of adequate research materials.
1.7 Definition of Terms
Some technical term have been used on this work and the whole system will be meaningless if the terms are not the explicitly explained.
Data: These are facts and figures which are examined to produce information
File: this is a collection or group of related records.
Flowchart: this is a system analysis tool that provide a graphical presentation of a sequence to represent the operation. Information: this refers to data that have been processed in such a way as to be useful to the recipient.
Transaction: this refers to business carried out between people, usually buying and selling of goods and services
Record: this is a written account of something that is kept, so that it can be looked at and used in future. It is also a set of related fields in a given system.
Report: information reaches to managers from the M.L.A by a virility of analysis statistics statement etc. which ear generally be referred to as reports.
Services: this refers to a business whose work involves doing something for customers and not producing or buying and selling of goods.
System: A system is a network of the interrelated part of procedures that the joined together to efficiently accomplish a goal.
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