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Technology has pervaded all spheres of human endeavor andorganizations. With the internet, the whole world has now become aglobal village. Against this background, this study interrogates theapplication of MIS in human resource development inEnugu State CivilService. However, the researcher adopted system theory as thetheoretical framework. The reason for adopting this theory hinges on thefact that man lives in a world of continuing changes thus, technologicaltradition has not only bred the system analytic approach to planning, butalso underlined the system dynamics for different phenomena. The

internet complexity views them as inter-linked, interacted and integrated.

The findings reveal that Enugu State Civil Service has not put in usemanagement information system thereby creating a lot of gap inapplication in management information system in the civil Servicesystem. Also, the survey research design was adopted for this studybecause it deals with the practical application of already standardizedtheories available social sciences.

To adequately use this research work effectively, the research hasmade some recommendations on the way forward for improvement inservice delivery particularly in Enugu State Civil service.



1.1 Background ofthe Study

Following the world monetary emergency, most economies including those of Malaysia and Nigeria and other nation increased measures in their different monetary areas to make them more grounded, integrative, energetic, differentiated and proficient. To this end, Olayemi (2012) expressed that, powerful interest in human resources is a vital part of since quite a while ago run financial development and improved profitability. Henceforth, their journey for a significant wellspring of proficiency, and upper hand related with improved corporate execution guides them to build up their HR. Human asset advancement (HRD) is a well established idea and the term HR consistently alluded to the human contributions to any creation cycle. It is a significant if not crucial segment of creation which can be affected, planned, molded, and improved through learning, instruction, training, directing, preparing and advancement exercises to perform or work in any creation or the executives cycle alongside different factors, for example, land, work and capital. Harbison and Meyers, 1964 alluded to formal schooling, hands on preparing, self-advancement, improvement in wellbeing and improvement in nourishment as the five fundamental methods of creating HR (SAARC Human Resource Development Center). While Syrian, (1997) and Aliyu, Suhal and Suriyani (2014) saw HRD as enveloping wide scope of subjects, for example, medical care, sustenance, populace control, schooling and preparing. This examination will use the term HRD to cover some chosen ways for creating HR as they relate with the financial climate.

On grounds of uplifted estimation of HR, HRD has pervaded corporate hierarchical frameworks as an indispensable column for creating human asset limit in light of the fact that the viability of an assistance based industry, for example, banking depends to a serious degree on demonstrable skill. The requirement for associations to build up their human asset ability to endure current business challenges has likewise gotten foremost. The expanding number of associations investigating HRD for potential outcomes of building up those capacities has escalated the contention that HRD should be viewed as a fundamental undertaking for present day enterprises towards execution upgrade.

The cutting edge business climate has become unstable and the working scene is evolving in this way, globalization, progression in innovation (Benjamin, 2012 De Saa-Perez and Garcia-Falcon, 2002), building hierarchical ability, and changes (Benjamin, 2012) have become significant elements testing major parts in the worldwide economy, which requires the steady survey of the aptitudes, information and capacities of association representatives.

Past investigations (eg. Jan et al., 2013; Marimuthu et al., 2009) generously buttressed the significance of putting resources into creating HR by talk. Be that as it may, there still exists a deficiency in writing focused on the assessment of the utilizations of the human resources hypothesis exactly. This examination subsequently looks to test this suspicion observationally by considering crosscountry information from Malaysia and Nigeria over the period 2005-2011. This paper contends for putting resources into human asset advancement exercises as an essential for improved hierarchical execution, henceforth arising questions, what is the significance/importance of putting resources into HR? Is there any connection between interest in HRD and execution of association? How does putting resources into HRD sway on execution of association?

In this investigation, center underlines and lean towards around human asset improvement and the board data framework since it is a cycle, which is expansive and nonstop as a rule deliberately adjusted to exceptional authoritative goals subsequently limiting significantly the chance of losing representatives. This is on the grounds that abilities gained and skills created may not be relevant to the formative structure of contenders. Creating banks HR can influence their monetary resources as far as the immediate or roundabout costs, which they bring about. These costs brought about on human resources advancement as a rule mean venture that the banks could recover with benefits over the long haul.

1.2 Statement of Problem

The function of data in dynamic can’t be overemphasized. Powerful dynamic requests exact, opportune and significant data. As per Aminu (1986), data asset is one of the significant issues and lists of authoritative arranging. Where the significant data needed for arranging are not accessible at the fitting time, there will undoubtedly be lack of foresight, improper dynamic, helpless need of necessities, deficient programming or booking of exercises. Consequently, the Enugu State Civil Service framework won’t be productive and viable without the use of Management Information System in activity.

Helpless administration data framework has been recognized as a bottleneck in the effective administration of Civil Service in Nigeria (NUC, 1987). The more perplexing an association’s structure is, the more prominent the requirement for coordination inside. Nonetheless, vital to the required coordination is data. This view is buttressed by Murdick and Ross (1971), when they believed that: Information is significant to the endurance of an association. As associations develop, the weight of scale, unpredictability and an expanded pace of progress make satisfactory data handling limit inescapable, if compelling control, endless supply of individual exercises is to be accomplished. Along these lines, the data required for successful dynamic in Enugu State can’t be given from individuals’ frequently lacking recollections. Additionally, it is difficult to design exercises over an extensive stretch of time successfully without powerful data. Data should be made through the order of enquiry and exploration with peer control to guarantee legitimacy and cultural impact. This investigation emerges from the requirement for Enugu State Civil Service to refresh its degrees of execution, through the proficient and viable use of the board data framework to human asset the executives. The thousand years bug, which was because of a deformity in the PC’s dating framework, created alarm waves all through the world in 1999. Appropriately, we are currently in a period where the achievement or disappointment of any venture is relied on the measure of data available to its and how appropriately this data is controlled, put away and communicated.

Subsequently, in the current administration, reformist associations in both general society and private areas have perceived the significant job data innovation plays in their operational proficiency, and furthermore, in the ideal arrangement, the executives and usage of their human asset. Up until now, no examination known to the creator has existed on the topic of this exploration in Federal Ministry of training, Nigeria. This examination consequently, grills the utilization of the board data framework in HR the executives in Federal Ministry of instruction, Nigeria and it endeavors to give answer to the accompanying exploration questions:

(1) To what degree is the executives data framework being tweak to fit in the current difficulties in Nigeria common assistance?

(2) Do in Federal Ministry of instruction, Nigeria have the fundamental PC proficient aptitudes?

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The main aim and objective of this study is to interrogate the extent of the effect of management information system on human resource development in federal ministry of education of Nigeria. The specific objectives are as follows:

(a) To determine the extent to which the staff of federal ministry of education of Nigeria has put in place a formalized Human Resource Management Information System.

(b) To ascertain the skill and proficiency level of the operators in relation to modern information management system.

© To determine the level of sophiscation of the information system in use.

(d) To identify the various aspects of human resource functions that is being supported by the human resource management information system in Nigeria.

1.4 Research Hypotheses

1. Enugu State Civil Servants do not make adequate use of Management Information in the discharge of their duty.

2. Enugu State Civil Servants do not possess the necessary computer literate skills

3. Enugu State civil servants do not have adequate computer training

1.5Significance of the Study.

The investigation has both hypothetical and down to earth criticalness; hypothetically, the examination attempts to add to the comprehension of the effect of Management Information System and its application towards the accomplishment of an elevated level presentation in government service of training of Nigeria.

Furthermore, thinking about the gigantic difficulties in the current age, this examination will make an understanding about the significance of the executives data framework to human asset in government service of training of Nigeria and the need to urge common support of put it being used in its different services.

Notwithstanding, the investigation will vital to both the arrangement creators, government service of instruction of Nigeria and the staff when all is said in done to the degree that it will rouse the laborers and help the approach producers in hierarchical arranging and activity and furthermore look for functional methods of ensuring that each staff partake in this preparation which will thusly be converted into more significant level execution.

At last, the work will be of giant assistance to the overall population, since this is the time of data framework in the globe.

1.6 Scope and Limitations ofthe Study.

This examination speaks to a strong endeavor to find out the degree of utilization and modernity of the PC based data framework in the Enugu state Civil Service an investigation of service of instruction. To guarantee an inside and out examination, this work just canvassed one foundations in Enugu State Civil Service. These foundations or Ministries is service of training. Additionally, the number of inhabitants in study did exclude all the staff in these Ministries. The respondents were drawn from the senior officials of the service in view of their vital part in human asset improvement.

All the more thus, this examination experienced a few constraints throughout its execution and culmination. In the primary case, the scientist would have remembered the whole State Ministries for Enugu State yet the time and assets accessible for the finish of the examination restricted the specialist to one Ministries or foundations. Accordingly, speculation of this exploration finding outside the limit of Enugu State may not be legitimate.

Moreover, acquiring information and data from the respondents was not a simple assignment. This is because of the administrative cycles in Nigeria Civil Service. There was unresponsiveness from the respondents who considered then to be exertion as absolutely a scholarly undertaking that won’t change business as usual. At long last, the shortage of writing on data frameworks in Nigeria was another cluster that faced the scientist.

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