Effect of Advertising on sales volume, A study of dufil prima food


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1.1 Background of the Study

In today’s aggressive world, insurance plan have to be given to clients for their aggressive gain to meet their desires higher than different competitors. On the different hand, clients purchase merchandise with distinctive tendencies; so they ought to be regarded in formulating advertising strategies. In the world that the a variety of factors of insurance plan advertising of clients must be viewed in line with customers’ goals to cowl the hobbies of the organization, a aggressive role will enlarge long-term profitability of insurance.

Advertising is a distinguished function of modern-day commercial enterprise operations. One can come upon advertising and marketing messages, whilst observing TV, analyzing magazines, listening to the radio, browsing the internet, or even honestly whilst strolling down the street, as commercial has a stimulating impact on buying conduct of the customer. This substantial surge of classified ads from each and every viable supply is essentially to fulfill the urge of entrepreneurs to attain to a giant range of humans so that their product may also get hold of foremost exposure. The function of this mass mode of verbal exchange in growing manufacturer loyalty, deterring entry and as a result growing income income and earnings of the agency and inflicting influence on the commercial enterprise cycle has been emphasised at a variety of factors of time through specific research (Robinson, 1933; Kaldor,

1950; Nelson, 1974; Ozga, 1999; Stigler, 1961; Sundarsan, 2007).

Marketing is a full administrative task. Marketing focuses and suits purchaser dreams with the insurance plan goals. Marketing is the method of appreciation customers’ needs, product improvement and offerings to meet these needs.

Marketing worries pricing items and merchandise and offerings to inform clients about the availability of these merchandise and offerings for the duration of and after the alternate process. Marketers ought to be an vital thing in the insurance.

Broadly the function of advertising and marketing costs in an financial system can be categorized below two heads. According to one faculty of thought, marketing will increase earnings and reduces client welfare via growing spurious product differentiation and boundaries to entry. While the different college of notion focuses on the informative persona of advertising, which makes markets extra aggressive and reduces income by way of informing the clients about fees and high-quality (Greunes et al, 2000).

In spite of the above referred to segregation, one can’t deny the truth that last feature of advertising and marketing fees is to promote income revenue. That is why each organisation with the expectation of incomes return is investing hundreds of thousands of rupees or bucks on this mode of advertising and marketing communication. to promote income revenue. That is why each and every enterprise with the expectation of incomes return is investing hundreds of thousands of rupees or greenbacks on this mode of advertising communication.

Advertising is any paid structure of non-personal conversation about an employer or its product to a goal target audience thru a mass/broadcast medium through an recognized sponsor. It have to be found that for any promotional recreation to be referred to as advertisement it ought to be paid for.

In the actual sense, it is the approach used by using corporations for developing focus of their products, as nicely as making new merchandise regarded to the new and practicable consumers.

This thesis however, facilities on the have an impact on of advertising and marketing on the income extent of a product. This work will shed mild on how marketing can actually have an effect on a consumer’s shopping for choices in a developing economic system like that of Nigeria and how profitable marketing can hold agencies going even in the midst a difficult competition.

More so, marketing as a promotional device additionally tends to remind, reassure and have an impact on the choices of the buyers due to the fact an commercial itself enlightens, educates, and persuades customers on their acceptability of the product offering.

Advertisement in such a media as print (newspaper, magazines, billboards, flyers) or broadcast (radio, television) usually consist of pictures, headlines, statistics about the product and every now and then a response coupon. Broadcast commercial on the different hand consists of an audio or video narrative that can vary from 15seconds spots to longer segments recognised as infomercials, which commonly final 30 to 60 minutes. (Busari, 2002)

Advertisements can additionally be viewed on the seats of grocery carts, on the wall of airport walkways, on the aspects of buses, aircraft and train. Advertisements are commonly positioned somewhere an target market can without problems and/or regularly an get entry to visible and/or video (Busari 2002).

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Media advertisement may additionally be fine in stimulating consumers’ buy intent of beer. Consequently, the lookup hassle focuses on the void that can also exist due to the non-application of the AIDCA model to learn about consumers’ buy intent of beer, the use of media classified ads (TV, radio, and billboard) of product.

Marketing troubles regularly have a ways accomplishing outcomes on any business enterprise and if not noted can reason a incredible chance to the endured existence of the company, in particular in the region of advertising and marketing as an component of company communication. (Giles 1997)

In the mild of the above statement, analyzing the have an effect on of marketing on the income extent of a product, the use of dufil prima meals as a case is consequently a enormous undertaking. The market is such that customer tastes are more and more differentiated and upkeep of excessive provider first-class in the face of rising fee of vital elements is needed. The market is additionally characterised through a multiplicity of advertisements. Advertising of a variety of competing brands in the most important agency segments is growing very hastily and shoppers are now extra knowledgeable. This lookup effort will be geared towards analyzing how dufil prima meals is coping with each a aggressive and dynamic market setting, even though the organization is doing many matters to keep its management position in the industry.

1.3 Aim and Objective of the Study

In a developing economic system such as Nigeria, it is frequently very hard to have a ordinary and steady expand in the income extent of a product due to the fact of the political and socio-economic instability in the us of a which without delay have an effect on the fashionable of dwelling and the buying energy of the consumers.  This dissertation is primarily based on the pressure to be aware of the impact of marketing on the income quantity of a product in a business enterprise and how this income extent can preserve the enterprise going in business.

In order not to deviate from the original intention and motive, the following will therefore outline the objectives which the thesis intends to achieve. They are as follows:

1. To access the extent to which an advertising programme reflects on the sales volume of a product.

2. To identify the major merits and demerits of advertising.

3. To get to know the concepts of advertising and its various forms.

1.4 Research Question

For the purpose of this study, the research question available are as follows;

1. Does advertising have an impact on the sales volume of a company’s products and services?

2. What is relationship between advertising and sales volume?

3. What are the benefits of various advertising programmes employed by the organization?

1.5 Research Hypotheses

For the purpose of this study, the hypotheses available are as follows;

Hypothesis 1

H0: That the advertising programmes of dufil prima food have no impact on the sales volume of their products.

H1: That the advertising programmes of dufil prima food have impact on the sales volume of their products.

Hypothesis 2

H0: That there is no positive on significant relationship between advertising and sales volume.

H2: That there is positive on significant relationship between advertising and sales volume.

Hypothesis 3

H0: That there are no benefits in various advertising programmes employed by the organization.

H3: That there are no benefits in various advertising programmes employed by the organization.

1.6 Significance of the Study

To the researcher: the study about was enabling a researcher to have extra knowledge, capabilities and trip about impact of marketing on sale quantity of organization. This learn about additionally used to be assisting to put in exercise the information and capabilities received in lookup methodology as a path analyze in class. A researcher was once obtaining the applicable facts about dissertation writing in order to turn out to be acquainted with lookup things to do as a whole. Finally, the find out about used to be enabling a researcher to fulfill the requirement for the award for a master’s in Business and administration in.

To Dufil: This study will be assisting the employer and its shareholders to appear for gorgeous measures to preserve the business enterprise with wonderful advertisement.

The study about hopes to generate understanding and deliver out the Effect of marketing on sale quantity of company in Dufil prima food.

To the future researchers: The information bought went for future references on the subject matter by means of academicians who went analyzing in the identical place of the study.

1.7 Scope of the Study

The scope of this study is centered on Effect of Advertising on sales volume, a study of dufil prima food.

1.8 Limitation of the Study

This research study was confined by means of insufficient records and information, launch of information, and the region of the organisation used as a case study. These elements can also have by some means restricted the effect of this lookup work.

This lookup work was once designed to observe the have an effect on of marketing on the income extent of a company, however the statistics was once restrained to data gathered from the administration and some consumers.

1.9 Definition of Terms

Advertising: This is any paid form of non-personal presentation of idea, goods or services by an identified sponsor.

Advertising Agencies: These are usually independent business organizations comprised of creative and business personnel, who develop, prepare and place adverts for organizations so as to attract and influence consumers’ behaviour towards a product or service.

Consumer: This is the person(s) to which the advertisement and products/services are directed. Here they are also known as buyers of a company’s product.

Outdoor Media: These cover the use of billboards, sign posts, posters, handbills, etc. in communicating the advertising message to the consumers.

Electronic Media: These include radio, television, the internet, etc and can be either local or international.

Market: This is usually the strategic location or place where the company’s consumer/buyers are situated or where they go to buy the products/services of their choice. The market place offers different products/services to different consumers.

Producer: This is the organization or firm that provides a product or that delivers services for consumer consumption.

Sales Volume: This is used to measure the amount, usually in cartoons/crates, etc, of the product being sold at a given point in time. This is commonly used as well with products but it could be as used within a service company.

Transit Advertisement: A relatively minor volume of the advertisement placed in or on public buses, taxis, cars and other commercial vehicles.

Product: This can represent anything a consumer acquires or might acquire to meet a perceived need. The need not necessarily need to be satisfactory. Some product might not satisfy their needs.

Sales: This is a process of selling something such as a product, ideas or services. It also covers the number of goods or services sold at a given point in time. (Arowomole, 2001, 17-25)

1.10 Summary of Chapters

The research work will contain five chapter and the chapter one will consist of background of the study, statement of the problem, aim and objective of the study, research question, research hypotheses, and significance of the study, scope of the study, limitation of the study and definition of terms. The chapter two of this work will consist different research done by different scholar, the chapter three will consist the research design, population of the study, area of study, sample size, sampling techniques, instrument of data collection, validity of instrument, reliability of instrument, method of data collection and method of data analysis. The chapter four will contain the data presentation and analysis of the data collected via questionnaire whereas the chapter five will contain the summary, conclusion and recommendation for further study.

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