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1.1 Background of the Study

Schooling has been portrayed as a fundamental and basic key to any type of advancement (Jibrin, 2012).Education in its broadest sense incorporates all the cycle people experience in life to create and alternatively use their possibilities through the procurement of information, aptitudes, capacities and perspectives that are vital for viable living in the public arena (Umar, 2012).In projection, it is a cycle that begins from birth and finishes with death which implies that instruction is a long lasting cycle. Instruction is an instrument for monetary, political and logical improvement, everything being equal (Jibrin, 2012).

As indicated by Umar, (2014), auxiliary school training is the motor room of information securing, a phase at which understudies interact with different subjects, which decide the field of study they will get a kick out of the chance to seek after in higher optional school instruction is somewhat level after the essential instruction and before advanced education. Its situation in instructive framework likewise discusses its significance. The National strategy on Education (FGN, 2004) expressed that the point of schooling is to teach in the kid, the soul of request and furthermore, training ought to prepare understudies to live viably in our cutting edge time of science and innovation. Moreover, consideration was attracted to requirement for directing projects in school.

The spot of directing projects in schools can’t be overemphasized particularly with the every day extension in the enrolment of understudies in schools, developing needs of young people in Nigeria, the nonstop turmoil in schools and the rehashed changes in the instructive framework (Bolu-Steve, 2017). Advising administrations has become a basic program in schools and this is impossible in segregation.

Relevant to this paper, Guidance has been characterized by Umar, (2014) as the absolute program of a number exceptionally specific exercises executed by expert to assist individual with settling on astute and shrewd decision and choices. Eyo, (2010), asserted that direction is a program of administrations to people dependent on their necessities and the impact of ecological components. She proceeded to express that direction and guiding is an expert field which has an expansive scope of exercises, projects and administrations designed for helping people to get themselves, their issues, their school climate and their reality and furthermore to create satisfactory limit with regards to settling on shrewd decisions and choices. Besides, direction programs for auxiliary school understudies are intended to address the physical, enthusiastic, social, professional and scholarly troubles of young adult understudies. This is to supplement learning in the study hall and furthermore upgrade scholastic execution/accomplishments of understudies (Eyo, 2010).

Directing is a learning cycle in which an advisor enables an individual or people to learn, get themselves and their current circumstance and be in a situation to pick the correct sort of practices that will enable them to create, develop, progress, rise, full grown and step up, instructively, professionally and socio by and by, (Ebizie, 2016). All in all, guiding is a groundbreaking cycle of helping individuals to get familiar with all that are to be scholarly both in and outside the School.

Then again, a vocation is characterized as one’s lifework all together words, vocation is ones calling which incorporates various occupation, employments or occupations one individual take part in during their working life (Eremie, 2018). Vocation is the course of functions that establish a day to day existence, the grouping of occupations and other life jobs which consolidate express ones duty to work in their complete example of self-advancement. Umar, (2014), affirmed that vocation decision recently was not as troublesome as it is today. There were less openings for work and all the more significantly, guardians, instructors and strict bodies knew about the current open doors just as necessities for section into them.

Profession instructors then again offer a wide scope of vocation related projects to understudies which are pointed toward helping understudies to design their vocation, settle on educated choice and pick a vocation which will land the person in question into the correct business to cause understudies to make the most of their work (Eremie, 2018). The key situation of guides in optional schools empowers them in helping to shape the understudies’ instructive, enthusiastic, conduct and mental difficulties. These directing administrations is done pair with other school faculty (Orewere, 2012).

Again Eremie, (2018), place vocation direction and advising makes it workable for a person to see and investigate their boundless blessed choices. the significant help zones of direction and advising are, instructive direction and guiding which helps understudies in their decisions of profession, professional direction and directing which helps the person to pick and get ready for an occupation that is viable with his inclinations and aptitudes, and individual and social direction and directing which helps the person to carry on properly corresponding to different individuals from the general public (Eremie, 2018). It is accepted that direction and guiding administrations in school will create, evaluate and improve instructive projects; upgrade educating and improve the ability of the educator and diminish cost for the kids (Ebizie, 2016).

As per Orewere, (2012), for direction and guiding to be compelling, there must be a progression of customized exercises to assist understudies’ with building up an uplifting disposition towards it. This empowers understudies with data and direction concerning individual, scholarly and profession choice. Henceforth, direction and guiding assume an imperative part in the vocation decision of the understudies and accomplishment.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Poor academic performances among secondary school students, gives concern, this has a negative intonation on the different projects. The fundamental concern is the function of direction and advising in encouraging the scholastic presentation of optional school understudies. Little data is accessible on the degree to which direction and guiding has been utilized to help with raising the scholarly exhibition of secondary school understudies. The issue of this investigation hence is to influence of counseling on the academic achievement of senior secondary schools case study of Alimosho local government area.

1.3 Aim and Objective of the Study

The main aim and objective of this study was to determine influence of counseling on the academic achievement of senior secondary schools case study of Alimosho local government area Lagos State, Nigeria. Specially, the objectives are to determine the influence of;

1. Guidance and counselling on students’ establishment and realistic academic goals.

2. Guidance and counselling on students’ study habits; and

3. Guidance and counselling on students’ academic performance in mathematics, English Language.

1.4 Research Questions

The following questions were posed to guide on the study;

1. How does guidance and counselling influence students’ establishment of realistic academic goals?

2. To what extent does guidance and counselling influences students’ study habits?

3. How does guidance and counselling influence student’s academic performances in Mathematics, English studies and Basic science.

1.5 Research Hypotheses

The following research hypotheses were formulated to guide this study:

1. H0: There is no significant influence of guidance and counselling on students’ study habit.

2. H0: There is no significant influence of guidance and counselling on Students establishments of realistic academic goals.

3. H0:There is no significant influence on students’ academic performance based on the guidance and counselling

1.6 Significance of the Study

The finding of the examination world shed light to instructive partners about the importance of direction and advising in maintaining and advancing the scholastic exhibition of understudies. Some school Administrators by and large would welcome the significance of direction execution among understudies and furthermore urge them to increment or put more exertion for demonstrable skill.

The understudies will likewise profits by the investigation by enhancing their scholarly exhibition that well legitimize the duties of enormous bit of the country’s panic assets to optional training and furthermore have center throughout everyday life and accomplish their points and destinations throughout everyday life. It will be likewise, helpful to the study hall instructors and advisors, to improve in his direction and guiding administrations to the understudies.

1.7 Scope of the Study

The study is delimited to investigate or determine the influence of counseling on the academic achievement of senior secondary schools case study of Alimosho local government area, and also their study habits in Mathematics, English Studies and Basic Sciences. The study also delimited to the investigation of student’s utilization of guidances and counselling services, teacher consultation attitude etc.

1.8 Limitation of the Study

According to Best and Kahn (1998) limitation are conditions beyond the control of the research that may place restrictions on the conclusions of the study and their applications to other situations.The major limitation of the study was;

1. The study utilized responses from the students on how guidance and counselling influenced their academic acheivement, therefore, some of the students could have faked their responses.

1.9 Definition of Terms

1. Guidance and counselling: These terms are used in the study to refer to counselling activities in schools, organized by professional schools counsellors.

2. Establishment of Realistic Academic Goals: This is used in the study to refer to student’s ability to use the counselling services and plan academic programmes that would influence the student’s future aspirations.

3. Academic Performance: This is used in the study to refer the scores obtained by the student’s in achievement test on Mathematics, English Studies and basic Sciences.

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