The benefits of guidance and counseling services on students academic performance in secondary schools. A case study of some selected junior secondary school in bwari area council fct


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1.1 Background of the Study Schooling has been depicted as an essential and fundamental key to a headway (Jibrin, 2012).Education in its broadest sense joins all the cycle individuals experience in life to make and on the other hand utilize their conceivable outcomes through the acquirement of data, aptitudes, limits and viewpoints that are crucial for reasonable living in the public field (Umar, 2012).In projection, it is a cycle that starts from birth and gets done with death which infers that guidance is a dependable cycle. Guidance is an instrument for financial, political and coherent improvement, things being what they are (Jibrin, 2012). As demonstrated by Umar, (2014), helper school preparing is the engine room of data getting, a stage at which understudies collaborate with various subjects, which choose the field of study they will get a kick out of the opportunity to pursue in higher discretionary school guidance is fairly level after the fundamental guidance and before high level training. Its circumstance in informative structure moreover talks about its importance. The National methodology on Education (FGN, 2004) communicated that the purpose of tutoring is to instruct in the child, the spirit of solicitation and moreover, preparing should plan understudies to live suitably in our front line season of science and advancement. In addition, thought was pulled in to prerequisite for coordinating ventures in school.
The spot of coordinating ventures in schools can’t be overemphasized especially with the regular augmentation in the enrolment of understudies in schools, growing necessities of youngsters in Nigeria, the constant unrest in schools and the reiterated changes in the informational system (Bolu-Steve, 2017). Exhorting organizations has become an essential program in schools and this is unimaginable in isolation. Applicable to this paper, Guidance has been portrayed by Umar, (2014) as the outright program of a number extraordinarily explicit activities executed by master to help individual with making adroit and savvy choice and decisions. Eyo, (2010), affirmed that bearing is a program of organizations to individuals reliant on their necessities and the effect of natural segments. She continued to communicate that heading and managing is a specialist field which has a broad extent of activities, ventures and organizations intended for assisting individuals with getting themselves, their issues, their school environment and their world and moreover to make agreeable cutoff concerning making wise choices and decisions. Also, heading programs for helper school understudies are proposed to address the physical, eager, social, proficient and academic inconveniences of youthful grown-up understudies. This is to enhance learning in the investigation lobby and besides overhaul educational execution/achievements of understudies (Eyo, 2010). Coordinating is a learning cycle in which a counselor empowers an individual or individuals to learn, get themselves and their present condition and be in a circumstance to pick the right kind of practices that will empower them to make,
create, progress, rise, completely mature and venture up, educationally, expertly and socio eventually, (Ebizie, 2016). All things considered, directing is a noteworthy pattern of assisting people to get comfortable with all that are to be academic both in and outside the School. Of course, a business is portrayed as one’s lifework all together words, livelihood is ones calling which joins different occupation, vocations or occupations one individual participate in during their functioning life (Eremie, 2018). Livelihood is the course of capacities that build up an everyday presence, the gathering of occupations and other life occupations which unite express ones obligation to work in their total illustration of self-headway. Umar, (2014), avowed that work choice as of late was not however problematic as it very well might be today. There were less openings for work and even more essentially, gatekeepers, teachers and exacting bodies thought about the current open entryways similarly as necessities for segment into them. Calling teachers of course offer a wide extent of occupation related undertakings to understudies which are highlighted assisting understudies with planning their job, make informed choice and pick a livelihood which will land the individual being referred to into the right business to make understudies take advantage of their work (Eremie, 2018). The critical circumstance of aides in discretionary schools enables them fit as a fiddle the understudies’ enlightening, energetic, direct and mental challenges. These coordinating organizations is done match with other school workforce (Orewere, 2012).
Again Eremie, (2018), place employment course and exhorting makes it functional for an individual to see and examine their limitless favored decisions. the huge assistance zones of bearing and exhorting are, informational heading and managing which helps understudies in their choices of calling, proficient course and guiding which assists the individual with picking and prepare for an occupation that is practical with his tendencies and aptitudes, and individual and social heading and guiding which assists the individual with continuing appropriately relating to various people from the overall population (Eremie, 2018). It is acknowledged that bearing and managing organizations in school will make, assess and improve informative undertakings; overhaul teaching and improve the capacity of the instructor and lessen cost for the children (Ebizie, 2016). According to Orewere, (2012), for course and managing to be convincing, there should be a movement of tweaked activities to help understudies’ with developing an inspiring mien towards it. This engages understudies with information and heading concerning individual, insightful and calling decision. Consequently, bearing and directing accept a basic part in the employment choice of the understudies and achievement. 1.2 Statement of the Problem Most schools in Nigeria run programs that are inadequate in enhancement to cater for all vocation selection of understudies. In these schools, the majority of the understudies are lefty unguided either in light of the fact that their schools have no
direction and advising administrations or the nature isn’t up to standard, understudies are inclined to settling on imprudent vocation decision or no decision at all on the grounds that there is no instructor to manage them, until in the wake of tutoring. Selection of subjects and course because of absence of adequate data. A section from this issue, there is a contention between the understudy’s opportunities of occupation and that of the country’s labor needs, yet in addition the contentions between the understudies’ decisions, the guardians’ decision and companion’s recommendation. The way that optional school understudies can’t make reasonable profession arrangements is a significant issue and this examination work will similarly take a gander at the issue related with direction and advising, vocation decision and yearnings of these degrees of understudies considering the way that direction and guiding has suggestion on their decision and goal, which vocation decision has genuine results on their future and likewise the general public on the loose. 1.3 Aim and Objective of the Study
The main aim and objective of this examination is to research into the advantage of direction and advising administration in profession decision and its consequences for understudy scholarly execution nearby investigation. The particular targets include:

  1. To justify the effectiveness or other wise of counseling services in schools under review,
  2. To find out the roles of guidance and counseling to the students’ academic performance of then schools under review
  3. To identify the career choice of the students in secondary schools of the study area.
  4. To investigate the effects of career choice on the future of the secondary school students in the area under review.
  5. To explore the factors influencing the career choice of secondary school students in Bwari area council FCT.
    1.4 Research Questions
    This research is an attempt to answer the following questions:
  6. What are the roles of guidance and counseling services in students academic performance of the area under review?
  7. What roles do guidance and counseling services play in career choice of secondary school students of the schools under review?
  8. Is there need to improve guidance and counseling services in the area under review.
  9. What are career choices of the students in the school under study?
  10. Do parents and occupational status influences the career of their children?
  11. What are those factors that influence secondary school students’ career choice in the area of study? 1.5 Significance of the Study The finding of the assessment world shed light to informative accomplices about the significance of course and prompting in keeping up and propelling the educational show of understudies. Some school Administrators all around would invite the
    meaning of heading execution among understudies and besides encourage them to augmentation or put more effort for obvious expertise. The understudies will in like manner benefits by the examination by upgrading their insightful display that well legitimize the obligations of gigantic piece of the nation’s frenzy resources for discretionary preparing and besides have focus for the duration of regular day to day existence and achieve their focuses and objections for the duration of regular day to day existence. It will be moreover, useful to the investigation corridor teachers and counselors, to improve toward him and controlling organizations to the understudies. 1.6 Scope of the Study The examination is delimited to explore or decide the advantages of direction and guiding administrations on understudies’ scholarly exhibition in optional schools. A contextual investigation of some chose junior optional school in bwari zone chamber fct. 1.7 Limitation of the Study As indicated by Best and Kahn (1998) limit are conditions outside the ability to control of the examination that may put limitations on the finishes of the investigation and their applications to different circumstances. The significant impediment of the investigation was;
  12. The examination used reactions from the understudies on what direction and advising meant for their scholarly acheivement, subsequently, a portion of the understudies might have faked their reactions. 1.8 Definition of Terms 1. Guidance and counselling: These terms are used in the study to refer to counselling activities in schools, organized by professional schools counsellors. 2. Establishment of Realistic Academic Goals: This is used in the study to refer to student’s ability to use the counselling services and plan academic programmes that would influence the student’s future aspirations. 3. Academic Performance: This is used in the study to refer the scores obtained by the student’s in achievement test on Mathematics, English Studies and basic Sciences.

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