Design and Implementation of an ICT Network Monitoring System


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This project topic “Network Monitoring System” was carried out with a view to deploying effective monitoring for computers in a local Area Network. The project developed a system that lets administrators remotely monitor computers in a network. My aim is to show how user interface can be applied to provide a complete solution for monitoring networks. Securing and  monitoring a network is an important issue since computers connected in a network can be faulty and its operation reduced ,so an effective security and monitoring measures has been deployed that allows administrators to intuitively manage the network. The system was developed using visual basic 6.0 programming language. This language was used because of its easy syntax and structure for developing graphical user interface windows based application.



Network monitoring takes note of slow or failing systems and notifies the network administrator of such occurrences. Such notifications can take the form of email massage, page alerts, or plain old phone calls. No matter what form they take, network problem massage should take the highest priority. Network monitoring should be running while other systems are performing their functions that is vital. You need to set aside at least one computer or set of computers to monitor network activity (Edward, 1972).


The method for monitoring communication performance in a communication network comprising computer systems communicatively coupled to each other with communication equipment in telecommunication, a digital switch which typically contains millions of lines of software is a monolithic unit supporting plain old telephone service. This digital switch have overtime been stuffed with increasing

amounts of functionality such as management of routine terminals and charging. In one embodiment, a computer system of communication network measures and time-stamps network performance satisfies and stores them in a memory unit within the computer system.


It is very typical in every industry that as its client base continuous to grow, the industry faces increased number of problems. In network monitoring aspect the problem may include:

  • Poor network strength
  • Network hacking
  • No signal when the network is down etc. 

The main objective of the research is to design and implement a computer network monitoring system using National Open University of Nigeria network as a case study. This project also entails the reason and the maintenance of the effectiveness of the system when compared with  any other way of monitoring network. Another objective is to introduce computer in the area of monitoring network.



Monitoring a network is very important in computer network firm. It will help to know the status of network they provide in a particular area and arise for rescue when the need arises. The uses of network monitoring system also expose any act of intruding from external body and even internal. And also help to give report concerning the network if the industry is moving forward, backward or stagnant in the area of providing network for the client.


The aim of this research work is to design and implement a network communication monitoring system.

       It is purely limited to designing of computer network monitoring system.

The scope helps focus on the area picked and make the research effective.


There were certain constraints encountered while the research this project was being carried out. Listed below are some of the prominent ones. They are:

Financial Constraints:  Limited source of funds for  the  researcher to embark  upon grater level of research that has to do with visiting different  establishment that operate on network communication monitoring system, traveling from one school to  another, library, vendors etc. to another to obtain fact and collection of data.

Time: Time needed to travel outside the school environment to other places (distance places in particular) in search for the required data was limited; this also led to the choice of National Open University of Nigeria as a case study.

       Nevertheless, as there were hindrances and limitations arising from different quarters, the researcher was able to gather all the necessary information required for the completion of this project.

  1.                 DEFINITION OF TERMS

NETWORK: –  This is the collection of computers and devices connected by communication channels that facilitate communications among users and allow user to share resources with other users.

MONITORING SYSTEM: – A set of device that observes and records selected activities within a data processing system for analysis or the set of function is required to initiate the transmission of a token on the ring and provide soft- error recovery in case of lost tokens, circulating frames or other difficulties.

MODULE: – A programming or specifications construct that defines a software component. Often a module is a unit of software that provides users with some data types and operation on those data types, and can be separately compiled. The module has an interface in the data types and operations the module provides its users. It is also a component of hardware system that can be sub-divided.

SOFTWARE: –       All or part of the program, procedure, rules, and associated documentation of processing system. Software is an intellectual creation that is independent of the medium on which it is recorded.

HACKING: –   The act of a computer enthusiast who uses his or her knowledge and means to gain unauthorized access to protect    resources.

COMPUTER: – A device or system that is capable of carrying out a sequence of operations in distinctly and explicitly defined manner. The operations are frequently numerical computations or data manipulations but also include input/output; the operations with the sequence may depend on particular data values. The definition of the sequence is called the program. Also it may consist of several interconnected units.

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