The Effect Of Girl Child Rape On Social Development Updated


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Many Nigerian working children were the victims of sexual abuse as consequence and result of child labour across the nation. Some of them were raped, sexually abused by adult or peers due to the inadequate security to check and control crass act in society. According to the findings, the effects of child rape in rank order include; emotional traumas, social stigma, sexual transmitted infections, termination of child’ life, low academic performance, physical pains and injuries, school dropout, poor attendance to school. Recommendations and implications were also made. Keywords child, rape, stigma, shame, infections


Human sexuality is no longer simply a remember of intuition as many humans believe. It is instead an motion which is managed via selections and social norms. It is a choice due to the fact no rely the motives in the back of sexual activities, the two events worried have to beneath ordinary occasions figure out or take a choice to raise out the act. It is additionally managed with the aid of social norms in the society due to the fact there are social sexual norms and moral requirements that information how people categorical their sexuality even although it varies from one subculture to another.

However, the version of social sexual norms in special cultures does no longer rule out the reality that sexual abuse referred to as rape is viewed a taboo and strongly condemned and shunned all over the world. It is greater serious when it includes youngsters (minors) specifically adolescents and infants of eight years and below. Child rape in Nigeria is a new dimension of rape which has left many mouths agape and eyebrows raised. It is so embarrassing and coronary heart breaking to hear that youth who suck breasts are raped by using beings who name themselves men. One starts to surprise what kind of pleasure such nugatory guys derive from raping kiddies and children. How can a man with all his senses insert his manhood in the smooth and undeveloped personal components of toddlers? Are these guys human or beats? Apart from the truth that the girl infant due to her directional capacity can’t make a choice about her sexuality, the child’s psychological country in accordance to Catholic Diocese of Nsukka (2009) makes her inclined for rape.

Rape is the crime of forcefully having sexual relationship with any individual towards the person’s desire or consent. The time period rape in accordance to Wikipedia (2017) originated from Latin phrase “rapere” which means to snatch, snatch or to lift off. Child rape is a shape of sexual abuse dedicated in opposition to a infant that is now not historical adequate to have sex, in which an person or older adolescent makes use of the baby forcefully for sexual gratification.

There has been an outcry towards infant rape in Nigeria, which attracted the interest of no longer solely the government, and non-governmental groups in Nigeria, however additionally worldwide non-governmental our bodies (Uzoanya, 2015). The senate in Nigeria has handed a consignment in 2015 which prescribed existence imprisonment for rapists and all people who has sexual relationship with youngsters beneath the age eleven years, however unfortunately, the consignment has now not deterred the rapists (Halim, 2016). As individuals, and corporations each governmental and non-governmental groups attempt to quench the evil furnace of rape of children, the furnace burns farther and wider to eat the lives, future and the training of the harmless lady kids in Nigeria. The information of baby rape is worrisomely increasing. It is now typical to hear that a man has raped his organic daughter, or that a infant lady of some months ancient has been defiled carnally by means of an ancient man. What lures guys into raping adolescents and toddlers certainly confuses people. Despite the measures taken so a ways to fight the threat of the rape of youth in Nigeria, the trouble tends to increase geometrically.

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